How do I apply for the SLUSE course?

Do I need a preliminary approval (forhåndsgodkendelse) and who should I send it to?

  • If you are NOT enrolled at Faculty of Science, you need a preliminary approval to document that you can transfer the credits from the SLUSE course to your study program.
  • You must get the preliminary approval from the study council at your own institution.
  • Study and Students affairs at The Faculty of Science (Science Student Services) must have your preliminary approval before the first Friday of the first week of the course.

When do I get further information about the field trip after I have enrolled?

  • An information meeting will be held in October/November - The time and location will be announced by email and at the SLUSE website
  • You can also read earlier field reports at www.sluse.dk > Field reports

How much time do I have to spend on the course during February?

  • When the teaching starts you will be following the course full time until the beginning of March where you will go on a field trip for about 3 weeks.
  • In the beginning of the course you will be placed in a group with other students that you will cooperate with through the entire course.
  • It is important that you show up on the first day of the course as a lot of vital information about the course and the field sites will be presented on this day and as the formation of groups will take place.

How do I get access to the wireless network at the Frederiksberg Campus?

  • You must contact the IT Support. Please note that the wireless network is a self-service system and that help with configuration of your laptop is not something that the IT Student Support is required to do.  You can call this number, 35323232. E-mail: it-service@adm.ku.dk

Is it possible to plan a holiday before the fieldwork begins?

  • There is often a gap between the last day of class and the start of the fieldwork that can be used for holidays. However, it is essential that you are present at the pick-up point at the specified time and participate fully in the fieldwork (which is mandatory in order register for the exam).

Where can I find the lecture plan for the course?

  • The lecture plans will normally will be available in the beginning of January. The lecture plan will be send to you by email if you have registered for the course and will also be available at ABSALON

What is ABSALON?

  • ABSALON is the virtual learning environment of University of Copenhagen. In ABSALON you can find course curriculums, lecture plans and other materials related to the course.
  • During the course, ABSALON will be used as the platform for communication between the teachers and the students. Therefore you must log in to ABSALON on a regular basis to keep yourself updated about the course.

What do I have to pay?

  • Your plane/train ticket
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations and medication if necessary
  • Visa
  • Local food
  • Accommodation costs in Poland

We will cover transportation from a pick-up point to the study site, transportation around the study site, local accommodation in Kenya and Malaysia, field equipment, interpreters and cooks.

ED and MERGED non-scholarship students are eligible for financial support from SCIENCE. Information on application form, amounts, and deadline is shared at the beginning of the course.

What am I responsible for?

  • Applying for Visa
    • You are responsible for checking if you need a visa for your destination AND if you need a transit visa for your stop overs. We will issue SLUSE letters of documentation if necessary.
  • Purchasing your plane ticket
    • We will inform you where you have to be when and you are responsible for getting there in time. It is imperative that you are present at the pick up place at the indicated time.
    • Be sure to get your Visa before purchasing your plane ticket.
  • Getting the necessary vaccinations and medication
    • We do not give advice on necessary vaccinations and medication Please contact your doctor or other experts.
    • African students will most likely need a yellow fever vaccination.

Do I have to return to Denmark when the fieldwork ends?

  • We strongly recommend that you return to Denmark as fast as possible. The deadline for report submission is about two weeks later and according to our experience you will be very busy writing up the report.

Further questions?

  • Please contact the SLUSE coordinators.