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SLUSE is an educational program aiming to strengthen existing Master level educational activities at University of Copenhagen and Roskilde University (RUC), within sustainable land use and natural resource management in developing countries. An important objective is to approach these issues in an interdisciplinary fashion by taking point of departure in natural, agricultural, social and cultural theories and methods.


All courses are offered via the ordinary course programme at the respective universities and hence available for students from all Danish universities, as well as visiting students.

Most SLUSE courses are interdisciplinary and attract students from a range of disciplines, including agronomy, anthropology, biology, development studies, development economics, engineering, forestry and geography.

Read more about ILUNRM - field course

Support for AD students

AD students are entitled to a grant to cover part of the costs of the ILUNRM course. AD students can apply for the support (currently DKK 5,000) by completing the two documents listed here and sending them to AD study director Carsten Smith-Hall

Download the application form for financial support here

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