SLUSE in the Agrismundus Alumni Magazine: Read about how the field course changed the lives of two Agrismundus students and about the Solio goat project in Kenya  – inspired by SLUSE.

Articles and Reports

SLUSE - WHAT WORKED? By C.H. Traynor, A. de Neergaard & J. Magid. 2007, SLUSE, Dept. of Agricultural Sciences, KU-LIFE. 

Tværfaglig innovationsstyrkelse eller akademisk Babelstårn: Hvordan studerende fra 3 universiteter, 6 fagretninger og 25 lande kvalificerer sig til et internationalt arbejdsmiljø - by A. de Neergaard, T. Birch-Thomsen, K. Juul & J. Magid. 2008. In: Tværfaglighed & Entrepreneurship (eds: J. Stolt & C. Vintergaard), IDEA & Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy, Copenhagen, Denmark. p. 74-83. ISBN: 978-87-992772-0-9.

Problem-based, Interdisciplinary Field-Based courses: Reflections from South African experiences - by Hill TR, Birch-Thomsen T, Traynor CH, de Neergaard A, BoB U. In: South African Geographical Journal (2008) 90 (2), p. 122- 133.

Clear the Mind of Pre-conceived Ideas and Get Your Hands Dirty! An Approach to Field-based Courses: The SLUSE-southern Africa Experience - by Hill  TR, Traynor CH, Birch-Thomsen T, de Neergaard A,  Bob U, Manyatsi AM, Sebego  RJ 2008. In: Journal of Geography in Higher Education 32 (3), p. 441 - 457.

One of the many outcomes of the SLUSE activities is a global network of practitioners within environment and development. In order to strengthen and formalise this network, we have created a SLUSE group. This forum can be used for exchanging experiences, asking questions, and looking for employers or employees and partners in our daily work. The SLUSE group is open to all who have gone through the SLUSE programme.

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