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Enrolment for the ILUNRM field course 2019/2020

The deadline for enrolment for the ILUNRM course 2019/2020 is Wednesday 30 October at 23:59 (11.59 PM).
Post deadline enrolments will NOT be registered.

If you study 'Environment and development' you must:

If you are enrolled at Faculty of Science but you do NOT study 'Environment and development' you must:

If you are a student at another Faculty/University in Denmark you must:

  • Fill in an enrolment form before 30 October 2019 at 23:59 (11.59 PM).
  • Apply for admision to take a course at Faculty of Science before 1 December 2019
  • Get a preliminary approval of the course from your study board and send this to: 

    Help Desk at Science Student Services
    Your admission to a course is not final until Help Desk have received your pre-approval. The pre-approval must be sent by the first week of the course at the latest. If Help Desk do not receive your pre-approval before this deadline, you will not be admitted to the course.

International exchange students, please read here

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