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The SLUSE Certificate

The SLUSE Certificate is granted to Master Level students who have completed one full year of SLUSE relevant educational activities, including the ILUNRM course.

In order to obtain the SLUSE Certificate you need to have followed SLUSE relevant courses worth at least 60 ECTS. 21 of these 60 ECTS must be obtained at either joint SLUSE courses (ILUNRM or EIA) or courses at universities other than your own.

Where and How to get the Certificate?

The SLUSE Certificate is issued by the SLUSE coordinator at Department of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO), University of Copenhagen. However, before you contact the coordinator, make sure you hold the necessary documentation and provide the information as listed below:

  • Documentation for passed SLUSE courses
  • Year of SLUSE enrolment
  • Home university
  • Year of passing ILUNRM
  • Country of field work

This information must be send to the SLUSE coordinator (to speed up the process, please highlight the courses that make up your SLUSE study, as you may have other courses of no SLUSE relevance included in the documentation). The Certificate will be issued and forwarded to you as soon as possible after handing in the necessary documentation.

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