Thai University Consortium on Environment and Development Sustainable Land Use and Natural Ressource Management
The Thai universities joint SLUSE in 1999 and the same year part of the ILUNRM field course were held in cooperation with the Thai consortia. The Thai consortia consist of 3 Universities along with one government organisation.

Kasetsart University, Bangkok. The former agricultural University in Thailand. Today the university offer degrees in a number of fields, many of these NRM relevant.

Royal Forest Department (RFD) is the government organisation which deals with a number of issues in relation to NRM including access to land, forest zoning, community forestry and forest utilisation.

Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai. Old and well known university in the northern part of Thailand. Especially Faculty of Social Sciences has been involved in the SLUSE activities. The university offers degrees in a wide range of academic fields.

Maejo University, Chiang Mai. The agricultural University of the North. Offers degrees in a wide range of fields related to agriculture, horticulture and fisheries.